Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Great Northwest Fall Tour

Ride Date: 9/4/11
The Great Northwest Fall Tour offers 15, 30, 50 or 85 mile routes.  We decided on the 50 mile route.  The weather was pretty cool in the morning so it was difficult to decide on what to wear.  I decided to wear shorts and arm warmers because once I get going I warm up pretty fast.  Everyone started off really fast since it was cool and there was lots of energy in the air.  I tried to stay around 20mph or less as I knew eventually this speed would catch up to us....and later it did!  :-)   This is the first time I rode this tour and it was much hillier than I expected!  There was one 3 mile section which was 675 feet (2554-1879) of descent and you get MOVIN!  There were also lots of sustained climbs.  It was a challenging ride.  The rest stop food was AWESOME!!  Everything was home baked!  Cookies, muffins, pot pies to name a few and there was lunch at the end.   Certainly a well put on tour!  I even put my name in for the bike raffle, but didn't win it. :-(  The money goes to a great cause though.  For more info see their web site.  It was a great ride.  It was fun chatting and riding with with friends.
Ben, Pheadra, Matt, Meghan, Rodger, Julie, Rosi, Rene

 Great Northwest Fall Tour 50 Mile Route Elevation

We were glad to be finished with all that climbing! :-)

Tri-Fusion Hot Summer Night 5K Series

Race Date: 8/24/11

This series entails three separate races on Wednesdays in August.  The first race I volunteered and took pictures.  Raelene (daughter) helped me direct people where to go.  Rosi and Reanna ran the race.  It was fun cheering people on right before the big hill.  The second race I ran it with Raelene (age 6) and Reanna, while Rosi ran it also.  I decided I would run the last race solo.  It helped to run the course the second week to get a grasp of the course and prepare myself for the BIG HILL before the finish line.
Raelene helping me direct traffic.  ;-)
I wanted to PR on my 5K since I had so much fitness from Ironman and I weighed less than the last time I ran a 5K.  My PR was 20:02 and I wanted to go sub 20.  I knew I had to hold a 6:25 per mile pace.  I generally use this race calculator to figure out how fast I need to go to hit a specific finish time.  I started out fast and tried to settle on my pace.  I talked with Matt Cantrell before the race and knew he had the same target of going sub 20.  I figured I could pace with him if I could.  Within the first half mile I was running near his side.  He kept a good pace going.  I looked forward and saw James and Worden way up ahead.  I knew I had to bank some time in the downhill to make up for the time I would lose on the big uphill.  Our pace picked up then we hit the corner right before the big hill.  Matt and I stayed close the whole race then on the hill I passed him.  Would I drop him?  Not!  Right when we got to the top he caught me and started to pass me at mile 3.  I sped up and had a kick at the end, but couldn't catch him.  I passed Worden in the last 25 yards and heard him yell, "NOOOOOOOOOO!".  I cracked  up about this as I know how competitive Eric is.  I ended up reaching my goal time!!  My official time was 19:32.07 with a pace of 6:18.1 per mile.

Details of the BIG HILL before the finish: 97 foot climb in .2 miles
Here is a video of race #2 in which I ran with Raelene. Thanks to Dave at Swim, Bike, Run videos for the footage!

Spokane Dirty Dash

Race Date:  August 20, 2011

I saw posters that the Dirty Dash was coming to Spokane and the race looked way cool!  I 
I wanted to participate in the Dirty Dash, but I hadn’t signed up and with the late fee it would have been $50 which just seemed too expensive.  Jeremy, a friend from my tri club, said one of his team members couldn’t participate and was selling his slot.  This was meant to be!  I jumped on it.  I joined his team called the Holy Hogs.  Apparently the race directors expected about 1000 participants and supposedly 4000 people registered!   It was a 6 mile course.  It is a pretty laid back 10K.  We were suppose to start at 10am and due to the parking situation we didn't start til about 10:30.  There were all kinds of obstacles: hay bales to jump over, mud tubes to go through, balancing beam, a slide and tires.  There were two rest stops with beer.  The mud portions were the BEST.  I have never been dirtier!!  I got right in there.  Going through one of the tubes the mud felt like quick sand.  I just floated through the mud.  FUN!  Jeremy was crazy enough to submerge his whole head in the mud.  I didn't have goggles and was concerned if I got mud in my eyes or ears so I didn't.  We rubbed mud on each other and threw it at each other, trying not to get it in each others eyes.

We liked the music to this advertisement video so much we Reanna decided to use it for her solo dance routine this year.  :-)  Great vid!

Monday, September 19, 2011

17 things that triathlon has taught me about life

I nabbed this from Triathlete Mag.... 

17 things that triathlon has taught me about life - By J.

1. There are good days and there are bad days and sometimes you can't tell the difference until you start.
2. Contrary to popular belief, sleep is not overrated. Not in the slightest.
Race the River 2010
3. Don't forget to breathe.
4. Just because it's raining doesn't mean you should cry.
5. Nobody ever said it was easy.
6. Pain is temporary. Pride lasts a lifetime. Sometimes even two.
7. Create a plan and stick to it. It may not always work, but if you stay focused and relaxed, it'll all end up just fine.
8. You've got to try. No matter what happens, in the end you'll have bigger regrets from not ever trying.
9. Strength and courage blossom from the sands of adversity.
10. Sometimes it's the little things that make the big differences.
11. Getting to the starting line is usually a lot harder than getting to the finish.
12. Listen to your body and listen to your mind. And make sure you know when they're lying to you.
13. You can't change the past and you won't alter the future. Enjoy right now, right now.
14. Smile. It does a body good.
15. Be supportive of others. We're all in this together.
16. It's OK to cry.
17. Don't forget to eat. Especially breakfast -- that's a really important one.