Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2011 Bike/Run/Swim Totals

My goals for 2011 included CDA Ironman, healing up my plantar fasciitis, to swim more efficiently and faster and have a good nutrition plan for IM.  My 2011 season went FAR beyond what I imagined it would.

Ironman CDA (11:06) went GREAT!!  A day I will remember FOREVER!!!

I PR'ed my 5K (19:32)

I PR'ed my Half Marathon (1:29:17)

and finally I PR'ed my Marathon (3:12:53) and qualified for Boston at the same time. I am so grateful to have the health and opportunities that I had this year!

199h 17m 05s  - 3372.63 Mi
Pace: 17.34 Mi/hr

148h 23m 02s  - 1094.55 Mi
Pace:  08m 07s Mi

88h 23m 59s  - 233391 Yd (132.608 Mi)
Pace: 02m 07s /100 Yd

Strength:    14h 22m
Cross-Country Skiing:    1h 00m
Snowshoeing:    4h 00m