Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Radiant Lake Triathlon

Race Date:6/10/2012
The weather has been uncharacteristic over the week so I didn’t know what to expect for the race.  The day before I swam in Radiant Lake with Mike and Virginia so I was confident I could get in and swim in the 58F water.  Race day was cold so I was glad I brought a cap and a fleece jacket.  I won’t go much into detail about the preparations, but I did start both my bike and run GPSs before I went to the swim start.   I have forgotten to start these in past races.

I went into the water before the race started to wet my face and acclimate my body to the water.  I got out and waited for the start.  The swim had multiple wave starts, the first was M10-39 (white caps), the second wave start (mine, red caps) was M40-59 and so on.  I tried to position myself so I could draft off some of the faster swimmers.   After about 20 yards someone stopped in front of me so I had swerve to get around them.   My only thought was to keep going!  The buoys were on the left and since I breath to that size it was perfect.  We started catching some of the white swim caps about 300 yards in.  We caught and passed more of them shortly after the turnaround.  I was glad to be halfway done. I did a lot of drafting on the swim which I felt help my time.  Once out of the water I felt a little disoriented.  In addition to everything else I usually do, I put on my bike vest before heading out of transition.
Once on the bike I caught a few other racers and saw Jeremy ahead of me.  At about four miles in I passed him and waved.   He stayed on my tail the rest of the bike.  The bike route is like a big square so the wind would get you in different directions.  Because of the wave starts I didn't see many other racers on the course.  I got off my bike and transitioned to the run.  I started running and realized I still had my thermal bike vest on!  Oh no!!  I ran back to my transition area and threw the vest on my other stuff and I was off.  I caught a couple more runners including Jared.  There are two or three turnarounds so you can see the other races.  I saw Jared, Ron and Russ.  After the first half mile I don't remember passing anyone else.  I pushed on and finished.  I saw Derek Garcia at the finish and chatted with him and a few others.  Shortly after I saw Ron again and he said, "You got 1st in your age group!"  Wow, cool!  That was the first time I got first in my AG!  I was pretty excited! I called Rosi and let her know and posted a picture on Facebook announcing my result!
My goal was to beat my time from two years ago (1:19:22) which I did.
Swim: 15:54 Pace 01m 49s /100 yards
T1:  00:01:27
Bike: 37:36  Pace 22.98 Mi/hr
T2:  :52
Run: 21:44 Pace 07m 01s

Total Time:  1:17:33

 The Results 

This is where things get messy.  After the younger men age group awards they started announcing the 40-44 age group awards.."Third place Aaron Gwin" ....in "second place Rene Guerrero".  Huh?!  WTH?  " and in first place Russ Abrams".  I was puzzled and shocked at the same time.  What am I missing here?   I told the MC I thought I had 1st place and he said "You and Russ have to sort this out".  I ask Russ what is going on?  He said today he switched categories, he went from Clydesdale to 40-44 and he beat me by 12 seconds.  The problem I have with that is Russ didn't start in the second wave (which included 40-44) he started in the third wave which was Clydesdale's and others.   I saw him on the run and he was behind me so I didn't think much of it.  I spoke with the Race Director and she felt she made a mistake by letting him switch categories the day of the race.  She would like to make this right so we are emailing each other about it.
I couldn't enjoy my 1 second of triumph because I was shocked at the results and was trying to figure out what happened.
Overall I was happy with my race.  The result was stressful and overshadowed my race.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

EWU Iron Eagle Sprint Triathlon Race Report

Swim done, getting ready to climb out of the pool
 Race Date: 6/3/2012

Rosi cheering me on after the swim
Some people would think this "sprint" race would be easy for someone who has done Ironman, but it ISN'T.  No race is easy!!  Whether it is a 5K, a sprint tri or a marathon.  Each race is different and challenging in its own way.

I did this race two years ago and really enjoyed it.  On the drive up I ate full bagel for breakfast.  I always try to time my eating so I am done (eating solids) one hour before a race.  I arrived at EWU and registered for the race.  The swim portion of this tri is done in the pool so they have to do "heats" because only 10-15 can start at a time.  People that register the day of the race are all put into the last swim heat, for me this was heat five.  I finished my bagel by 7am and found out I wouldn't be racing til 9-9:15am.  Rosi warned me about this, but I didn't time my eating appropriately.
Coming into the finish with Reanna cheering me
on  in the background ♥.

The swim went well, I shared a lane with David, who went on to win the whole race.  He lapped me a couple of times and I later found out he swam competitively in college.  I wore my tri-top during the swim and noticed I was the only male in my heat who did.  Not sure if I will do that again next time?  I was glad Rosi was there to count laps for me, two years ago when I did this race Rosi said I swam an extra lap when I counted them myself! :-)   I was happy to be out of the water and off to transition onto the bike.  The bike felt great, I thought the course only had one turn, but it is actually two turns then an out and back.  There is a nice hill on the way back that slowed me down, but through the bike I passed a couple of guys that beat me out of the pool.   There was no one directing racers back into the transition area and there were no signs!! So I missed the turn, it is a major turn and no one was there!!  There were two people right behind me when we passed the turn, then I quickly realized what we had done so I did a U-turn in the middle of the road to get back on course and they followed.  I got through transition and onto the run.  I remember the run being hilly, but that hill right after the transition is HUGE for a sprint!  :-)  The run was pretty exhausting.  At about mile 2 or 2.5 Matt (a tri-club teammate) was coming down a hill and joined me for the run.  He had already finished the race since he started in  heat three.  He paced me all they way back to the finish which helped.  Because everyone starts in different heats it is hard to be competitive when you are running alone.  We were hitting 6:30 and 7:00 pace and that was all I had left in me.

I loved that my family came out to cheer me on.  My time two years ago was 1:03:56, so I PR'ed on this course by over three minutes!
Finish time was 1:00:28
2nd in AG
6th Overall
Matt pacing me in for the finish!

SCARBOROUGH, DAVID M(31-40) 229 5 0:54:20
BROWN, BRYAN M(21-30) 159 1 0:57:54
ALLEN, SCOTT M(18-20) 231 5 0:58:40
FALL, DAN M(51+) 214 1 0:59:23
NEALE, BRIAN M(41-50) 194 4 0:59:40
GUERRERO, RENE M(41-50) 225 5 1:00:28
STANTON, JARED M(21-30) 166 1 1:02:30
PETERSON, BRAD M(21-30) 161 1 1:05:02
SIEGEL, MATT M(21-30) 163 3 1:06:26
BUDD, KARI W(21-30) 174 1 1:07:22
STEVENSON, JERRY M(51+) 226 5 1:09:38
HUMPHREY, RHETT M(21-30) 160 3 1:09:41
MCCARVILLE, DANNY M(21-30) 167 1 1:10:11
PARR, AUSTIN M(18-20) 154 3 1:10:46
DIXON, TROY M(41-50) 195 2 1:10:51
ASSONKEN, BLONDEL M(31-40) 178 3 1:11:02
ROBERTSON, PAUL M(41-50) 179 3 1:11:05
BURKE, JENNIFER W(31-40) 221 5 1:11:08
DUGENET, FREDERIC M(31-40) 181 1 1:11:18
PITTMAN, TROY M(21-30) 227 5 1:11:27
SHANKS, PATRICK M(21-30) 230 5 1:12:18
ROBINSON, STACY W(41-50) 206 3 1:13:08
ALADE, TIM M(21-30) 157 3 1:14:46
HANSEN, MICHAEL M(21-30) 158 3 1:15:09
MURPHY, KELLEY W(31-40) 189 3 1:15:32
CINDRIC, M. JANE W(31-40) 183 1 1:17:51
OLSON, SCOTT M(41-50) 200 4 1:18:34
BLAKELY, GARRETT M(31-40( 228 5 1:18:36
HAUER, JESSICA W(21-30)  172 3 1:18:53
GALBREATH, CHRIS M(31-40) 180 2 1:18:58
ENGLAND, LES M(41-50) 193 4 1:19:06
CABALUNA, FRANCES M(21-30) 162 2 1:19:44
ARLAND, APRIL W(41-50) 203 1 1:19:46
MCINTOSH, RUSTY M(21-30) 164 2 1:19:47
IRMER, ANNE W(51+) 224 5 1:19:47
SIMS, AUDRA W(41-50) 202 1 1:20:28
ANDREWS, IKE M(51+) 212 1 1:20:45
URBANIEK, LEE M(51+) 211 1 1:21:11
ANDERSON, MICHELLE W(41-50) 201 4 1:22:04
VANGELDER, KAYLEE W(21-30) 170 2 1:22:06
SIMMONS, ANGELA W(31-40) 182 2 1:22:06
TINNIER, TARA W(21-30) 220 5 1:22:15
CRON, BELINDA W(51+) 217 1 1:22:57
SIMMONS, PAUL M(31-40) 233 5 1:23:18
CLOUSE, PAULA W(21-30) 169 3 1:23:20
LOUGHERY, KYLE M(41-50) 196 3 1:24:18
TUELL, ERICA W(21-30) 175 2 1:24:26
HIAM, JOSHUA M(31-40) 222 5 1:25:09
DAVIS, STEVE M(51+) 210 1 1:25:09
FILLIS, LLOYD M(31_40) 223 5 1:25:37
BIVIANO, ANREW M(31-40) 234 4 1:25:40
SEVIER, HEATHER W(21-30) 173 2 1:26:41
NEALE, HANNAH W(18-20) 156 4 1:27:00
MCMILLIN, DAVID M(41-50) 197 4 1:28:27
FORD, AMBER W(21-30) 168 3 1:28:32
KIPP, LAURA W(31-40) 185 2 1:28:36
HATTEN, DAVID M(31-40) 177 2 1:29:11
KASPAREK, TULLY W(41-50) 208 4 1:29:27
MIETHE, DEBBIE W(31-40) 187 4 1:30:00
BIVIANO, AMY W(31-40) 235 4 1:30:05
PIRCH, KEVIN M(41-50) 199 4 1:30:05
MAY, DAVID M(41-50) 192 4 1:30:18
FERGUSON, TAYLOR W(21-30) 171 2 1:31:53
RIVAS, KIM W(31-40) 188 4 1:32:04
PURVIANCE, PATRICK M(18-20) 205 3 1:35:03
JENKINS, SHERI W(31-40) 191 4 1:37:35
ASSONKEN, STEPHANIE W(18-20) 155 3 1:37:46
PURVIANCE, CHRIS W(41-50) 204 3 1:38:18
AKINS, STEVE M(41-50) 219 5 1:39:58
MCNEILLY, FRANK M(21-30) 165 2 1:42:56
SLOPER, EMILY W(21-30) 176 2 1:46:04
BAILEY, KIM W(31-40) 186 2 1:47:41
CRON, HOWARD M(51+) 213 1 1:53:53
VASECKA, KATY W(41-50) 207 4 1:54:30
HANSEN, ANTHONIE W(21-30) 232 5 2:08:30
LARSON, MICHELLE W(31-40) 184 2 2:09:29
JOHNSON, HEATHER W(31-40) 190 4 2:12:17
DUHON, MARY W(51+) 216 2 2:18:09

* Note to self for next time I race this.
1. Plan breakfast accordingly
2. Reconsider tri-top on swim
3. Know the turns in case no one is there to direct

Friday, June 1, 2012


Race Date: May 6, 2012
I wanted to do Race for the Cure a week before Bloomsday to qualify for second seed, but my foot was sore and I figured I should only do one or the other.  I didn't train specifically for this race but was happy with my result.  It was a Bloomsday personal record (PR) for me!
After the finish line I got interview by a local station, check it out...