Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Spokane Dirty Dash

Race Date:  August 20, 2011

I saw posters that the Dirty Dash was coming to Spokane and the race looked way cool!  I 
I wanted to participate in the Dirty Dash, but I hadn’t signed up and with the late fee it would have been $50 which just seemed too expensive.  Jeremy, a friend from my tri club, said one of his team members couldn’t participate and was selling his slot.  This was meant to be!  I jumped on it.  I joined his team called the Holy Hogs.  Apparently the race directors expected about 1000 participants and supposedly 4000 people registered!   It was a 6 mile course.  It is a pretty laid back 10K.  We were suppose to start at 10am and due to the parking situation we didn't start til about 10:30.  There were all kinds of obstacles: hay bales to jump over, mud tubes to go through, balancing beam, a slide and tires.  There were two rest stops with beer.  The mud portions were the BEST.  I have never been dirtier!!  I got right in there.  Going through one of the tubes the mud felt like quick sand.  I just floated through the mud.  FUN!  Jeremy was crazy enough to submerge his whole head in the mud.  I didn't have goggles and was concerned if I got mud in my eyes or ears so I didn't.  We rubbed mud on each other and threw it at each other, trying not to get it in each others eyes.

We liked the music to this advertisement video so much we Reanna decided to use it for her solo dance routine this year.  :-)  Great vid!

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