Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Great Northwest Fall Tour

Ride Date: 9/4/11
The Great Northwest Fall Tour offers 15, 30, 50 or 85 mile routes.  We decided on the 50 mile route.  The weather was pretty cool in the morning so it was difficult to decide on what to wear.  I decided to wear shorts and arm warmers because once I get going I warm up pretty fast.  Everyone started off really fast since it was cool and there was lots of energy in the air.  I tried to stay around 20mph or less as I knew eventually this speed would catch up to us....and later it did!  :-)   This is the first time I rode this tour and it was much hillier than I expected!  There was one 3 mile section which was 675 feet (2554-1879) of descent and you get MOVIN!  There were also lots of sustained climbs.  It was a challenging ride.  The rest stop food was AWESOME!!  Everything was home baked!  Cookies, muffins, pot pies to name a few and there was lunch at the end.   Certainly a well put on tour!  I even put my name in for the bike raffle, but didn't win it. :-(  The money goes to a great cause though.  For more info see their web site.  It was a great ride.  It was fun chatting and riding with with friends.
Ben, Pheadra, Matt, Meghan, Rodger, Julie, Rosi, Rene

 Great Northwest Fall Tour 50 Mile Route Elevation

We were glad to be finished with all that climbing! :-)

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