Friday, February 17, 2012

Partners in Pain 5K

Pre-race with Tri-Fusion Team mates and Rosi
Race Date: 2/12/12
Going into this race I had two goals, the first was to PR the second was to go sub 20.  I was hoping to PR because last year I ran the Tri-Fusion 5K in which the weather was hot and that course has a big hill at the end.  I figured since this race was cool and flat (so I thought) I could surpass my current PR of 19:32.  I ran PIP in 2010 with a time of 20:02.  This is the first year they allowed two males and two females to be partners.  The drawback is that there was only one award for these categories: overall winner (mix teams have placements and age group awards).  I teamed up with James in the small possibility we could nab that top position.
I started the race running with Matt in the front of the pack, I looked at my GPS and I was at a 6:00 minute pace!  I thought to myself "slow down Rene" and had to PULL back!  I kept slowing myself down to 6:15-6:30 pace.  I was cruising along feeling good up until after the turn-around.  There was one fellow in front of me who I started pacing at about mile 2.5.  I have seen this fellow in past races and he was running strong.  I stayed with him up until about mile 2.9 and then I kicked it!  I passed him and a couple of other racers. I didn't PR but was happy to go sub 20!  I finished in 19:57 (6:25 pace).  My GPS showed I actually ran 3.2 miles, weird.  I was glad that my  running felt smooth with no aches or pains.  The only thing slowing me down was my fitness, I just didn't have it in me today.  James smoked the race in 18:23.  I was happily surprised that we took first place for men's teams.  I am sure glad those Distance Project runners ran with mixed teams or solo! ;-)
Post race with friends
1st Place Men's Team