Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trainers, Treadmills and SuperFeet...Oh My! :-)

It seems like just yesterday I was writing up my training totals for January. I started this blog entry at the beginning of March and haven't had time to finish it. The title pretty much sums up what February, March and some of April has been like. Due to the long winter here in Spokane I did most of my biking on the trainer and most of my  runs on the treadmill. They are monotonous, but it was kind of cool to watch shows while riding on the trainer. The few times I have ridden outside it has been WINDY!!   It also has been snowing today 4/21, but it just doesn't stick. It will be interesting so see what the race season weather will be like here in the Pacific Northwest.

My Plantar Fasciitis seems to be under control. I went to see Bill Codd at B&B Physical Therapy and brought my old running shoes so he can evaluate them. His reaction was pretty much like "I can't believe you were running in these!". The running shoes I had were thicker and the bend in the shoe did not match the bend in my foot. I ended up going to Runner's Soul and picking up a pair of Asics DS Trainers. I also started using Superfeet. I tried the Sole inserts, but the arch in them did not match the arch in my foot and it was painful to run. I actually use the Sole inserts for my work shoes instead. Bill also put some wedges in my shoe to help prevent the arch in my foot from collapsing. So the running has been going well!!

I ran across this quote in regards to Ironman race weight the other day in a forum:
"the trick is to keep losing weight until your friends and family ask you if you've been sick. then you know you're within 10 pounds. if they start whispering to each other, wondering if you've got cancer or aids, you're within 5. when they actually do an intervention, you're at race weight." - Slowman
I had to laugh because I definitely have been losing weight.  I had to get a new wardrobe when we went to Orlando for spring break.  I have also had multiple people tell me I look "slim", "trim" and like I lost weight.  I think I weighed about 187 lbs before training for IM and currently I am about 172, after one of my long bike/runs I weighed 166 lbs.  Yikes!

Here are my totals for
Bike:    295.22 Mi - 18h 22m 16s
Run:     89.89 Mi - 12h 57m
Swim:   32500.00 Yd - 11h 49m 12s

and for  March
Bike:  419.04 Mi - 24h 41m 
Run:  116.41 Mi - 15h 16m 01s
Swim:  28100 Yd - 9h 24m
Strength:  3h 00

My longest bike rides in March included a 70 miler, a 74.5 miler and finally an 82 mile ride (Thanks Matt & James!).   I need to get a century in soon!  Which brings me up to date.  At the beginning of April we went to Orlando for Spring Break with the Wiser family and had a great time.  I did one run and one swim there and took the rest of the time off.  I few days after getting back I caught a cold  and now I am trying to shake that cold.  I started an antibiotic, but it has been causing me headaches.  Finally yesterday 4/20 it has been a little more tolerable.  Hopefully I am turning the corner.   This month I've only been in the pool twice!  The last time was 9 days ago due to the cold.  I gotta get back in the water SOON!!

A couple of pictures and a video from out trip...  :-)

M I C K E Y!!

Yes those gators are real!  I even got to feed them.

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